Color Guide


Black is the absence of any light and is associated with strength, authority, power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. It is also thought of as a formal, elegant, and prestigious color


White or clear is considered to be the color of perfection bringing clarity and purity, increasing the flow of the life force. Healing the body, mind and spirit at all levels it stands for wholeness, completion, truth, openness and kindness


Associated with the Root or Base Chakra found at the base of your spine. A red shamballa bracelet is linked as you would expect to the emotion of passion and sexuality. The feeling of security, reality, grounding, stability and support.


Feelings, intimacy and sensuality. Linked to the emotion of desire and intimacy and balances creativity, releasing stress and blocks in your life which prevent enjoyment.

Yellow or Gold

Purpose, personal will-power, optimism and self confidence.


Associations with nature gives rise to balance and harmony. Renewal, growth, forgiveness and acceptance in love and relationships. Green is the bringer of harmony, increasing calm and a sense of direction in life.


Bringer of expansion and healing. Expansion through communication, wisdom and creative expression. Blue is associated with trust, planning and organization.