Product Care


Caring for Your Shamballa Bracelet 

Whether you own an original Shamballa Bracelet from the Shamballa Jewelry Company or a Shamballa-style piece, properly caring for it can help extend its useful lifespan. Cleaning is an important part of care, but you must also consider how to prevent wear and tear. 

Preventing Wear and Tear 

You can keep your bracelet in good condition longer and it should require less maintenance if you exercise some precautions when you wear it. For instance, do not wear your bracelet in the swimming pool or hot tub, because the chemicals can cause damage. Additionally, remove the bracelet when you clean the house, because cleansers can also damage the bracelet. 

Keeping the Bracelet Clean 

The bracelet should require less cleaning if you exercise several precautions. To keep sweat and dirt from soiling the cord and dulling the beads, remove the bracelet when you work out or engage in vigorous activities, such as jogging, hiking, or rock climbing. You should also remove the bracelet while you sleep, as well, while using care when applying hand or body lotion, perfume, and other cosmetics that can stain the cord or beads. It is best to remove the bracelet when you perform these functions, as well as when you shower or bathe. 

Cleaning a Shamballa Bracelet 

Even with the above precautions, your Shamballa Bracelet can become dirty over time. Skin oils, dust, and dirt in the environment can dull the beads and cause the cord to get dirty, and how you clean the bracelet depends on the materials it contains. You should clean the cord first, and then gently clean the beads, making sure to clean it a few times per week. 

Chinese Knotting Cord 

If your bracelet uses this type of cord, then you can wipe it clean with a damp, soft cloth. Make sure to wipe both the inside and outside of the bracelet, and allow it to dry completely before wearing it again. 

Hemp Cord, Paracord, and Jute 

You can clean these cords with water and a very mild soap, such as wallet. Place a little Woolite in a sink of warm water and gently clean the cord by swishing it in the water. Then, rinse the cord with warm, clear water and allow it to air dry before wearing it again. 


You should never use water to clean leather. Instead, wipe it with a soft cloth a few times per week to remove any skin oils or dirt buildup. 

Gemstone Beads 

Since gemstones contain different properties, the safest way to clean them is to wipe them with an untreated cloth a few times per week, as using soap, steam, water, or other materials may damage certain types of gemstones. 

Wood Beads 

Wood beads can grow dull if cleaned improperly. The best way to clean them is with a soft cloth and a little olive oil, dabbing at the beads with a cloth dipped in olive oil and being careful to not get the oil on the cord.